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Writings of Nichiren Shonin Followers 1 1st Edition

Writings of Nichiren Shonin Followers 1 1st Edition

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This volume, the fourteenth project of the English Translation Committee of NOPPA, constitutes all the 56 writings of Nichiren Shonin included in the Nichiren Shonin Zenshu (Complete Writings of Nichiren Shonin) Vol. VI; Followers I. Among the 56 writings, letters to Toki Jonin, Shijo Kingo, Ikegami Munenaka such as Toki-dono Gohenji (Response to Lord Toki), Bojikyo Ji (Leaving the Personal Copy of the Lotus Sutra Behind), Horen-sho (Letter to Horen), Kyodai-sho (A Letter to the Ikegami Brothers) and Ichinosawa Nyudo Gosho (A letter to Lay Priest of Ichinosawa) are included.

This is the out of print 1st edition published by Nichiren Shu Overseas Propagation Promotion Association.

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