(Open Your Eyes to the Lotus Teaching) by Nichiren Shonin, Translated by Kyotsu Hori, published 1982, 355 pages, Hardbound, Bilingual (English, Japanese)

Written by Nichiren Shonin when he was 50 years old. In the preceding year St. Nichiren met the gravest persecution in his life, about to be beheaded at Tatsunokuchi Beach outside Kamakura, he narrowly escaped death. Therefore, the Kaimoku Sho is regarded as the last will and testament of Nichiren Shonin to his disciples, in which he explains the salvation of the Lotus Sutra. Also in the Kaimoku Sho Nichiren Shonin proves that he is the representitive of Jogyo Bodisattva who was predicted to appear in the declining latter age of the Dharma



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