Writings of Nichiren Shonin - Doctrine 3

Compiled by Kyotsu Hori
Edited by Jay Sakashita
Published by Nichiren Shu Overseas Propagation Promotion Association (NOPPA)

This volume, the eleventh project of the English Translation Committee of NOPPA, constitutes all the 17 writings of Nichiren Shonin included in the Nichiren Shonin Zenshe (Complete Writings of Nichiren Shonin) Vol. III; Theology 3. Among the 17 writings, Hoon-jo (Essay on Gratitude), Kyoki Jikoku-shu (Treastise on the Teaching, Capacity, Time and Country), Ken Hobo-sho (Clarification of Slandering the True Dharma) are included.



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