Easy Readings of The Lotus Sutra
(in both English & Japanese)

This prayer book is a handy new edition by Rev. Jodo Kiyose of Nichihonji Temple, published by Rev. Shukai Oikawa of Joenji Temple, designed to serve as an introduction to the liturgy of the Nichiren Order. Although it is impossible to replace a teacher who could explain the liturgy, this book will be helpful for those who may have been chanting the Japanese without a clear notion of its meaning as many of the important quotations of the liturgy have been extracted and broken down into simple components to acquaint the practitioner with its basic meaning..

1. Dojokan
2. Sanmon
3. Seigon
4. Hobempon
5. Juryohon
6. Shodaigyo
7. Shikyonanji
8. Iyogonshi
9. Eko
10. Hosshin
11. Sange
12. Kie
13. Japanese Readings
14. Phrases of Nichiren Dai-shonin

174 pages, bound in traditional Japanese expandable accordion style



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