The Lotus Sutra

Translated from the Chinese by Rev. Senchu Murano

The Lotus Sutra is the main text of the Nichiren Shu Order. It is considered by many to be the most complete of Mahayana teachings. This English translation of the Lotus Sutra represents the third edition of Reverend Senchu Muranofs pioneering work first published in 1974, with a second edition in 1991 by the author himself. Unfortunately, Rev. Murano passed away on Jan. 22, 2001. As such, this edition is the first revision of the text without the author's direction. A distinguished panel of experts was chosen to oversee this project making certain that the majority of Rev. Murano's original text would be preserved with just a few typographical corrections and other minor adjustments. In addition, Rev. Murano's extensive glossary has been revised to better accommodate non-Japanese-speaking readers.

Published by NBIC.
416 pages.
3rd edition.



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