New Nichiren-Shu Service Book

Published by Nichiren Buddhist International Center

A long waited new liturgy book Dharma has finally been published.

The new Dharma is a book showing how to hold a Nichiren Shu service. You can use it at your temple and home. This book also includes a phrase a day. We carry them in order to understand Nichiren Shonin`s teachings in our daily lives with these 31 selected phrases. Please read them in between chanting sutras and the Odaimoku during services. Then you can reflect on these wonderful and important teachings of Nichiren Shonin everyday.

In addition to that, we have published it in the folding style. The old one was a binder style. It was easy to add readings to it but not easy to open it. The new Dharma is easy to open and read.

Many people wanted to have a copy of the old Dharma. However, it was for a temple or church's use only. It was not available for selling to the public. The new Dharma is for both temples/churches and the public. It will be comfortable to use this new small and thin Dharma even at home because of the new style.



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