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Shakyo Set

Shakyo Set

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A set of instructions in Japanese and paper for copying the Lotus Sutra in Kanji.

The Buddha in Chapter 21 of the Lotus Sutra advises to, "Keep, read, recite, expound and copy this sutra (the Lotus Sutra), and act according to the teachings of it with all your hearts after my extinction!" Copying the Lotus Sutra represents one of the five kinds of practices suggested by the Buddha.

There are many merits of copying the Sutra. In the chapter,
The Merits of the Teacher of the Dharma, the Buddha said, "The good men and women who keep, read, recite, expound, or copy this Lotus Sutra will be able to obtain eight hundred merits of the eye, twelve hundred merits of the ear, eight hundred merits of the nose, twelve hundred merits of the tongue, eight hundred merits of the body, and twelve hundred merits of the mind. They will be able to adorn and purify their six sense-organs with these merits."

The set includes:

  1. Original copy of Ch. 2 Hoben-pon,
    Ch. 16 Jiga-ge,
    Ch. 21 Jinriki-hon, and
    Ch. 25 Kan'non-ge

  2. 8 Practice sheets to trace,
    10 sheets for copy, and
    2 sheets with gold inlay and silver outlin

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