Ankokuron Gokan Yurai
(The reason why writing Rissho Ankoku Ron)

Nichiren Shonin wrote the Rissho Ankoku Ron (Treatise on Spreading Peace Throughout the Country by Establishing the True Dharma). He predicted in the writing that there would be domestic disorder and a foreign invasion in the near future without fail. In eight years, it turned out to be exactly as he predicted when an emissary arrived with a state letter from the Mongol Empire.

Nichiren Shonin then wrote a letter to an influential member of the Kamakura Shogunate, reminding him of the prediction he had made in the Rissho Ankoku Ron. The letter is known to us as the Ankokuron Gokan Yurai or the reason why writing Rissho Ankoku Ron.

We hope you will enjoy reading this letter of Nichiren Shonin while contemplating the present and future of the world and thinking about how we, each of us, would live our lives.



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