Letter to the Priests of Seichoji

In this guide, we present one of Nichiren Shonin's letters addressed to the priests of Seichoji Temple. In this letter, Nichiren Shonin discusses the circumstances surrounding his decision to declare his own teachings and his expectations in establishing a school of Buddhism.

For the twenty-first century, Nichiren Shu has announced "the General Movement for Propagating the Odaimoku." We cannot emphasize enough that the fundamental spirit behind this movement is based on Nichiren Shonin's determination to declare his teachings and to establish the Nichiren school of Buddhism.

After reading this letter, you should understand Nichiren Shonin's motivations in this determination. We have chosen this particular writing, Letter to the Priests of Seichoji, as a first step in helping to understand the reason for declaring "the General Movement for Propagating the Odaimoku."

It is our most sincere hope and prayer that you will read this selection along with the commentary and notes so you can understand Nichiren Shonin's unwavering spirit and great compassion ever further and instill it within yourself.



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