(Selecting the Right Time) By Nichiren Shonin, Translated by Kyotsu Hori, published 1989, 239 pages, Hardbound, Bilingual (English, Japanese)

Written in the first year of the Kenji Era (1275), roughly a year after Nichiren Shonin's retreat into Mt. Minobu at the age of 53. Ever since writing the Kyo-ki-ji-koku-sho(Essay on the Teaching, Capacity of Those to Be Taught, and Time and Place of Preaching), St. Nichiren had kept on reminding himself and his followers of the five principles which practitioners of the Lotus Sutra should keep in mind in respect to the method of preaching: teaching, capacity for faith and understanding of those to whom the preaching is directed, time of the preaching, place of the preaching, and the sequence of the preaching. Keeping this five principle doctrine in mind, St. Nichiren insisted in this Senji-sho that the time was such that without the essential section (hommon) of the Lotus Sutra, there was no way to reverse the declining fortunes of Japan, and that he, Nichiren, was the very teacher who would propagate the essential section of the Lotus Sutra. He further exhorted his disciples to recite the NAMU MYOHO-RENGE-KYO and propagate the essential section of the Lotus Sutra, declaring that there is no other way to Buddhahood.



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