Some Pictures of our Sangha

New Photo's added August 2008.

Below is a picture of the New England Sangha's altar.

The baby Buddha used for the Buddha's birthday celebration.tanjobuddha

oeshikiPreparing for the Oeshiki Celebration. Oeshiki is the memorial day of the founder of our order Nichiren Shonin.


Rev. Faulconer joined the interfaith celebration of first night in Boston, New Years Eve. Below a member offers incense at the morning service on January 1st 2009.

new year day

First service in the Haverhill location. We would be doing the big move later that week. We moved from JP Boston to Haverhill in the summer of 2008.

Bishop Kanai visited the Boston Sangha on March 26, 2007. He was in Toronto the previous day and would go to New York that afternoon. We held a simple service in the morning in the apartment Hondo in Boston. The members then had a chance to meet and speak with the Bishop. The Sangha was located in JP, a subdivsion of Boston at the time.

The Bishop did a blessing on the Altar.

The members where very happy and felt a strong sense of encouragement from the Bishops visit. The Boston Sangha will grow and many will be introduced to the wonderful Dharma in New England.

Rev. Caine-Barrett visits the Boston Sangha to work with her master Rev. Faulconer for a week in February of 2008.

During the month of March 2008 a group of proffesors from Rissho University came to Boston to do research on some scrolls found at the Yenching Library of Harvard. While they were here in Boston they visited the Nichiren Buddhist Sangha of Greater New England for service and to look at our statue of Nichiren Shonin. The statue was purchased in Boston from a local antique dealer in 2007. The professors are shown above doing some restoration work on the statue. Their guess is it is from the Edo period. While examining the statue they took him apart. The main body is made of three peices of wook which have been fitted together. The Head, hands, scroll and talking stick all are seperatly carved pieces. They would take pictures and measurements for their records before we placed Nichiren back into the Altar. You can see the statue in the picture at the top of this page.

More to come!

Neil's pictures on flicker contain some pictures of the Boston Sangha, Nichiren Order of North America and personal family pics. Click the above flickr icon to view these pictures.