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We are members of the Nichiren Order or Nichiren Shu. We follow the teachings of the Eternal Buddha Shakamuni as taught in the Lotus Sutra and of our founder Nichiren Shonin. Our main practice is of chanting the Odaimoku, "Namu Myoho Renge Kyo", the title of the Lotus Sutra. Through our practice we connect to our innate Buddha Nature that all sentient beings have. This allows us to live happy, full lives and to reach toward the enlightenment of Buddhahood. Please join us and experience the Buddha's teaching and joy.

Nichiren Buddhism has been in North America for over 100 years. It was first brought to America by immigrants. Most of the Temples sprung up along the West Coast and in areas where large Japanese immigrant populations were, such as L.A., San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago and Toronto. The Boston area did not receive any attention until more recent years.


Rev. Shingyo Imai came to Boston in 1993 and started a small group, but was called back to Japan when his father's Temple needed him.

The next minister to Boston,


Rev. Kobun Sasaki started Myogyo Ji (The Temple of Wonderful Practice) in Newton. The word Ji stands for Temple. Unfortunately due to the events of 9/11 it became very difficult to obtain a green card and Rev. Sasaki had to return to Japan when his visa ran out.


He was followed by Rev. Washo Oyamada who was only at the Temple a short time before returning to his home Temple in Aomori Japan. The Boston Temple closed in 2006.


Rev. Faulconer was sent to New England in January of 2007. He began the Nichiren Buddhist Sangha of Greater New England, to spread the Dharma, Lotus Sutra and Nichiren Shonin's teachings in the New England area.


You can learn more about our order by visiting the Nichiren Buddhist International Centers web site. The book ,"Awakening to the Lotus" is a good beginning source to learn more about our history, doctrine and practice. It is available at the Nichiren Buddhist International Center's bookstore along with many other titles. We also offer a beginners' class monthly. A recommended reading list is here.

Some Common Questions can be found here.


The New England Sangha offers many services including chanting, meditation, study, blessings, weddings, ofuda and more. To learn more check our events page by clicking here.