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Nichiren Buddhist Sangha of Greater New England

Located in Haverhill Massachusetts

Meeting locations in Haverhill MA, Cambridge MA, Western Mass and Southern Maine

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Information about Nichiren Buddhist Schools in the U.S.


Nichiren Order of North America (NONA) is an association of Nichiren Shu Temples and Sanghas in North America.

Relief Fund for NorthEast Japan:

The Nichiren Order of North America has set up a fund for aid to Northeast Japan. Please read the letter (click above title) for more information.

NONA Dharma Conference 2013

NONA Retreat 2013

NONA Pilgrimage 2015


The Nichiren Buddhist International Center is located in Hayward California and is the center for activities of the Nichiren Order outside of Japan. The center supplies reading materials and training for Nichiren Shu followers. Please visit their website for information about our order, to buy books and supplies and to check schedules of events offered by the center.

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