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Rissho Ankoku-Ron

(Treatise on Spreading Peace Throughout the Country by Establishing the True Dharma) by Nichiren Shonin, Translated by Kyotsu Hori, published 1992, 259 pages, hardbound, Bilingual (English, Japanese)

One of Nichiren Shonin's major writings, which he submitted to Hojo Tokiyori, at that time the retired regent but still the most influential member of the ruling Hojo clan, on July 16, 1260, when the Nichiren Shonin was thirty nine years old. The Rissho Ankoku Ron begins by depicting the misery caused by the frequent disasters ravaging Japan in those days. It regards people's slanderous acts against the True Dharma as a major factor responsible for undermining the country as a whole. In this treatise, the Daishonin teaches that the people should abandon their faith in erroneous teaching and embrace the True Law, which is basis for establishing a peaceful land.


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