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(A Treatise Revealing the Spiritual Contemplation and the Object of Worship for the First Time in the Fifth 500 year period after the Death of Shakyamuni Buddha) by Nichiren Shonin, Translated by Kyotsu Hori, published 1991, 286 pages, Hardbound, Bilingual (English, Japanese) Also contains NYOSETSU SHUGYO-SHO (The true way of practicing the teaching of the Buddha) and KEMBUTSU MIRAI-KI (Testimony to the prediction of the Buddha)

Written by Nichiren Shonin in the fourth month, tenth year of the Bun'ei Era or 1273, when he was 51 years old. Nichiren Shonin, who in the previous year had written the Kaimoku-sho and revealed himself to be an avatar of Bodhisattva Jogyo, an original disciple of the Eternal Buddha, entrusted with the task of propagating the Lotus Sutra in the Declining Latter Age of the Dharma, Wrote this Kanjin Honzon-sho to expound the great dharma for the salvation of those in the Declining Latter Age of the Dharma, considered by the Nichiren Shonin himself "of utmost importance to me". Consisting of thirty questions and answers, the Kanjin Honzon-sho can be divided into three parts: the sacred title, honzon, and the propagation of the true dharma by bodhisattvas from underground such as Jogyo. Nichiren Shonin also expounds the doctrine of Ichinen Sanzen (3000 existences in one thought) in this treatise.


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