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Journey of the Path of Righteousness

Learn the fundamentals of Shodai-gyo, or the practice of chanting the O-daimoku (Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo). Journey of the Path of Righteousness represents an English translation by Rev. Shogen Kumakura, head priest of New York Daiseion-ji, of the most critical section of Rev. Tairyu Gondo's manual on the liturgy of the Shodai-gyo. Rev. Gondo had learned the practice of Shodai-gyo from his master, Rev. Nichijun Yukawa who was instrumental in developing and disseminating the form of Shodai-gyo followed by most of its modern practitioners in the Nichiren Order.


1. Introduction
2. Order of Ceremony
3. Preparation of Ceremony
4. Raihai
5. Dojoge (Perceiving the Place)
6. Sanborai (Devotion to the Three Treasures)
7. Joshingyo (Purification of the mind/heart & body)
8. Shoshogyo (Chanting of the O-daimoku)
9. Taiko Instruction
10. Jinshingyo (Awareness of the Merits of Myo)
11. Kigangyo (Prayer)
12. Seigankyo (Four Vows)
13. Bishop Nichijun Yukawa
14. Rev. Tairyu Gondo
15. Final Words
16. Closing

79 pages with photos


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