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October 13


(Memorial Service of Nichiren Shonin)
On the way to a hot spa in Hitachi Province from Mt. Minobu to recover his health, Nichiren Shonin's health declined. He rested at the Ikegami Munenaga's residence in present-day Tokyo and could no longer continue his trip. On the morning of October 13, 1282, at 8:00 a.m., Nichiren Shonin ended his long life of spreading the Lotus Sutra for 60 years. The Oeshiki Service is held to express our gratitude to our Founder.




December 8

(Bodhi Day to Commemorate the Buddha's Enlightment)

Prince Siddharha left his castle in his twenties and traveled all over to seek the truth of life. He found out that various practices he encountered were not the right way, so that he decided to meditate under a tree at Gaya. After seven days of meditation, in the early morning of December 8, the prince attended Enlightenment and
became the Buddha, the Enlightened
One. The Jode-e Service is
held to commemorate the
event of attaining
by the Buddha.

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