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January 1

New Year's Day

On January 1st, we go to our temple and attend a service to celebrate the New Year. At this service, we express our respect to the Buddha, Nichiren Shonin and our ancestors. We also pray for world peace, a good harvest, prosperity for the temple, its members and their families throughout the coming year. After the service, we toast with New Year dish and sake (rice wine).





February 3


Setsubun literally means 'season- division'. According to the calendar, February 3 is the last day of winter. On that day, we hold a Setsubun Service to pray for our good health and protection against calamity or misfortunes. At the service, toshi-otoko (a man of the year) and yoshi-onna (a woman of the year), who were born in the year with the same animal name as the current year, throw beans to chase out evil spirits from each house and welcome good luck throughout the year.


February 15

The Buddha's Nirvana Day

Sakyamuni Buddha entered into Nirvana on the day of the full moon in February. During His preaching tour, the Buddha ate a meal offered by an earnest lay disciple, Chunda, and became severely. Although He continued his journey with His disciples, he was exhausted when He reached Kushinagara. After giving the final instructions to his disciples, the Buddha told Ananda to inform the people of Kushinagara that He would pass away during the coming night. He entered Nirvana on February 15.


February 16

Nichiren Shonin's Birthday

Our founder, Nichiren Shonin, was born at Kominato in the Province of Awa (in Chiba Prefecture today) on February 16, 1222. His father was called Nukina Shigetada and his mother, Umegiku. He was named Zennichimaro. It is said that several lovely miracles happened at his birth: many white lotus flowers bloomed in the bay, a great number of fish appeared in the sea and a spring of water gushed out in front of their home.


Around March 21 & September 23 (Respectively)

Higan Service

The Higan Service is a memorial service for our ancestors held during a week of Higan in March and in September. The fourth day of the Higan week is the equinox day. Higan literally means "the other shore," and the purpose of Higan Service is to send the merit of reciting the Lotus Sutra and chanting odaimoku to the ancestors' spirits on the other shore of enlightenment. We also practice the Buddha's teaching in order to cross the river from this shore of illusions to the other shore of enlightenment by holding Higan Service. Typical practice is called six paramitas: 1) to give alms, 2) to keep precepts, 3) to be patient, 4) to endeavor, 5) to meditate, and 6) to see the truth.

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