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April 8

The Buddha's Birthday (Hanamatsuri)


About 2,500 years ago, a prince of the Sakya Clan was born on April 8 at Lumbini Garden, located in present-day Nepal near the Indian border. His father, King Suddhodana, and his mother, Queen Maya, named him Siddhartha. It is said that the Buddha stood upon birth, walked seven steps and said, with his right hand raised toward heaven, "In heaven and on earth, I alone am honored." We celebrate the Buddha's birthday by holding the Hanamatsuri (literally flower festival) Service. At the service, we build a miniature hall called hanamido decorated with flowers, place the statue of an infant Buddha pointing to heaven and earth in its center, and pour sweet tea over the statue with a small ladle.





April 28

Rikkyo Kaishu-E (Commemoration Service of Establishment of Nichiren Shu Buddhism)

On the morning of April 28, 1253, Nichiren Shonin, at the age of 32, was standing on top of a hill named Asahigamori on Mt. Kiyosumi, chanting the odaimoku, Namu Myoho Renge-kyo, for the first time while facing the rising sun over the Pacific Ocean. He vowed to save all people with the Lotus Sutra. From that time onward, Nichiren Shonin, a messenger of the Lotus Sutra, devoted his life to spread the teaching of the Lotus Sutra and the odaimoku. We commemorate this day as the founding day Nichiren Buddhism.

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